The College of Applied and Collaborative Studies (CACS) is ready to help students finish their degree so they can enter the professional world prepared to be a leader in their career. If you are starting college for the first time, our cohort-based Project Design and Analysis (PDA) program can provide you with the foundation to excel in any career. For students who already have some college credits but have not attended a four year academic institute, you can transfer into one of our three transfer ready programs - Applied Arts and Sciences, Applied Project Design and Analysis, or Industrial Distribution.





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The College of Applied and Collaborative Studies Difference

The College of Applied and Collaborative Studies (CACS) is about student focused education rooted in project-based, multidisciplinary, educational experiences. All students in any CACS course will have the chance to experience how Project-Based Learning cultivates unique and meaningful educational opportunities.

Project-Based Learning is the cornerstone of our curriculum and the student experience. Students work on a project based on real-world problems and needs that relate to the course content. These projects tend to span over a long period of time, possibly the entire semester. Every CACS course the student is enrolled in collaboratively provides additional skills, methods, and insight to the project. Our professors work with students throughout the project, sharing their areas of expertise and shaping their students into the leaders of tomorrow.