The field of Industrial Distribution involves the design, manufacturing, and distribution of products within high-tech industries including aerospace, automotive, information technology, food and beverage, consumer electronics, and biotech.The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution (INDS) program at the University of North Texas is multidisciplinary, and prepares future entrepreneurs and supply chain professionals for careers that require a wide range of technical engineering and business expertise to manage the new technology product life cycle.

The Industrial Distribution program offers project-based learning opportunities, allowing students to learn through hands-on applications in real-world settings. This includes industry-sponsored projects which expose students to a high level of professionalism and collaboration. These practical experiences encourage students to develop problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the industry.


Courses that Prepare Students for Tomorrow

This degree offers an innovative and industry-focused experiential learning environment that will give students:

Broad-based Technical Knowledge

  • Technical foundations of engineering and manufacturing technology
  • Tech-industry focused applications of chemistry and life sciences
  • Supply chain management and operations management coursework

Professional Development & Communications Skills

  • Professional communication & team development experience
  • Summer Internships with local tech industry partners

Innovative and Creative Worldviews

  • Complex dynamic systems modeling
  • Tech innovation and product design
  • Creative problem-solving and entrepreneurship
Careers Opportunities

Industrial Distribution is a dynamic and evolving field with phenomenal career opportunities in the tech industry in the DFW area for decades to come. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Industrial Distribution graduates will be prepared to fill positions related to managing business relationships, which commonly pay higher median salaries in the DFW metro area than many traditional business and engineering positions:

  • Purchasing Managers $127,690
  • Sales Manager $127,690
  • Industrial Production Managers $105,550
  • Transportation & Distribution Managers $100,650
  • Project Management Specialists $94,810
  • Operations Managers $92,250
Continuous Innovation

The Industrial Distribution program is focused on continuous innovation and in-demand skills that industries need. To ensure that the curriculum stays relevant, innovative, and hands-on, it emphasizes:

  • Real-world tech industry involvement in the classroom.
  • Professional development and summer internship opportunities.
  • Project Based Learning with industry partners.
  • Hands-on product design and prototyping at the Spark@Frisco.
Graduates from the Industrial Distribution program can also earn an MBA degree from UNT entirely in Frisco, in as little as one additional year.